Kentucky and Tennessee

The last few days have been quite busy! We have been staying in Clarksville, TN, county seat of Montgomery County. Todd, Christian and Logan counties in Kentucky are very close to Clarksville and the library has a lot of resources for those counties. I’ve now crossed the state line about 10 times and have researched in all the above mentioned except Christian- oh, wait a minute, I think I did look at a couple of Christian county books.

I am no closer to the ultimate goal of finding Thomas Winston Kimbrough’s parents, as far as I can see at the moment, but have found some information that helps to fill out the tree and hopefully additional information and resources for down line relatives.

Soon after we arrived we found that my husband’s last surviving aunt had suffered a major auto accident earlier this week and is in the hospital with a fair prognosis. Landon went to see her at the hospital and visited with his cousin, John, who is the person that maintains the old family cemetery in Hadensville. He and his wife were very helpful when the efforts to restore and document the cemetery took place a few years ago. Landon’s late father Robert, and his cousin Ben Kimbrough of Clarksville financed the restoration. It’s a great gift to the descendants of Thomas Winston and Susan Gaines Kimbrough.

Speaking of cemeteries, one of the items I wanted to find was an obituary and burial place for Parthenia Kimbrough Mimms, TW and Susan’s firstborn. I wasn’t able to do that yet, but found an immense amount of Mimms information which also includes a bit about the Gaines and Garth connections. There is a book about their grandson, Gaines Meredith Mimms. Perhaps the most fun was finding some vertical files in the Elkton, Ky library that contained a number of genealogists’ correspondence regarding these families. I even found some that I believe is from Jeanette <now> Humphries about T. Gaines Kimbrough. Wondering if all 6 of his children have been accounted for?

A great resource that I found thanks to a couple of librarians was the Logan County Archives that are maintained by the Logan County Genealogical Society.

Logan County Gen society

These women were awesome, especially Lee and Judy! Lee took me through to the court offices with all the deed books – helped me find the deeds and then copied them for me! Wow! I now have a number of deeds that are connected with various Kimbroughs during the 1800s and also a lawsuit where W.L. Kimbrough sues a Thomas R. Kimbrough over a land transaction. I believe that Thomas R. is the same “Tom Bob” who is the son of Meredith and Mildred Kimbrough – W.L.’s nephew. I’ll be more forthcoming about this when I have time to read the whole file and confirm the relationships.

Next stop: Virginia

4 thoughts on “Kentucky and Tennessee

  1. Always good to hear about Kimbro/ugh families. Mine were in Stokes Co., NC – Thomas Kimbro/ugh who m. Faitha Johnagain. who were m.. at Yancyville, Guilford Co., NC. The bondsman was Johnathan Siniard. Still not sure who my Kimbro ancestor beyond Thomas was though. Cheers, Maureen Hyde

  2. Hello
    My husband and I purchased the home in the picture in Guthrie and have tried for several years to get info on this property. We would love to hear from you and learn about the home we call our own.


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