This is our genealogy blog that deals specifically with Kimbrough and related families. The authors are semi-retired and live in the Pacific Northwest. Landon is the great-great-great grandson of Thomas Winston Kimbrough, a Kentucky pioneer, and likely descended from Virginia pioneers as well.

Sherry is the descendant of a variety of immigrants and some seriously DAR folks. Her family is chronicled in another blog: http://searchinginseattle.wordpress.com/ Our plan is to blog about our genealogy work and share information with other related descendants.

Sherry’s email: 1vistaqueen at gmail.com

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  1. I found your site through your comment left at Carol’s Reflections From The Fence, and I’m glad I did. My niece and nephew are Kimbro descendants through their Dad (my ex-brother-in-law) and my husband and I are full time RVers. Here’s a Kimbro post from a while back: http://detourthroughhistory.blogspot.com/2009/08/euclid-kimbro-texan-in-1836.html

    And here’s my husband’s travel blog: http://palms-americana.blogspot.com/2012/02/fortnight-in-review.html

    Cathy @ palmsrv

  2. Hello out there! We live in VA. At least 40 years ago, my husband found the top part of the headstone for Josephine M. Hughes Kimbrough (died 9/18/1859) near his dormitory at Randoh-Macon College. We’ve kept “Josephine” safe and sound since then, having cleaned her and put her under glass and using her as a side table (hope this doesn’t strike you as sacrilegious). We’d be happy to return her to the Kimbrough Family Cemetery in Doswell, VA, if someone could meet us there. We feel she’s been part of our family for so long, we’d prefer to hand her on to other family members. Alternatively, perhaps she’s happy here and should stay put. Please put us in touch with someone here in VA. FYI – I grew up in Portland, OR, and see that the blog owner lives in the NW – funny coincidence.

    –Sandra Baxter

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