Furthering the search

For a number of years we have been working on our brick wall in the Kimbrough line. Who is the father of Thomas Winston Kimbrough – born 1796 in Virginia, died 1868 in Kentucky. This has been a longstanding family mystery and better genealogists than I have tried to solve the puzzle. I have hope ONLY because I have access to so many more resources now, thanks to the internet and the fact that we can and will travel to Virginia this spring.

In preparation for  this trip I have begun to search every repository I can find: Library of Virginia, FHL, ancestry, etc. etc. to try to make some inroads and develop a hypothesis or two about who, when and where. I have the when and a couple ideas about where. It’s frustrating to run into records gaps – there are many – from colonial times, but there are also a lot of folks who have documented various records. It’s tempting to believe many of the “trees” that I have reviewed, but I have found so much misinformation that I’m skeptical. When I solve this I want my evidence to be as solid as possible. I’m learning a lot as I work this problem and am grateful to so many for their time and help.

As a “give back” I plan to post all of the research on www.kimbroughgenealogy.com – whether it applies to this particular family or not. I’ve already amassed scores of references to many Kimbroughs, Kembros, Kimbros, and a few other surnames that may be of help to others. The copies of the Kimbro-Kimbrough Quarterlies that we have will be posted there. Stay tuned if you’re interested. I’ll post on our trip, beginning in May, and share what I’m learning.

4 thoughts on “Furthering the search

  1. Searching for burial records of the Old Brick Cemetery, Hancock County, Illinois, where MANY of the Kimbroughs are buried. I restored the cemetery from 2004 to present, and am at a great disadvantage without the old burial records.

  2. I am a member of the Kimbrough family that went south through Georgia and Alabama to Texas. Our line descends from John N. Kimbrough (b. 1735), probably in NC. That is where our ancestry line ends, with little hope of making a connection through traditional genealogy research – too many Johns in the family. I was wondering if there were any genetic projects involving the Tennessee Kimbroughs that could tie our line to them, and identify our common ancestry that way. Any thoughts or comments appreciated.

    By the way, we live in the Pacific Northwest, too, in Vancouver, WA.

    • We were just in Texas trying to find more information on George Duke and Charles Livingston Kimbrough who came to Anderson County from Kentucky in the 1850s – it does get complicated with the various lines.
      Landon has done a 37 marker DNA test, but we haven’t done much with it.

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