Yes, we’re still here!

Ok, I know we said we’d be back to you later…didn’t really mean a LOT later, but life intervened. We have just moved into a new residence and coupled with our travels genealogy did take a back seat. I’m sorry to say that we haven’t yet dismantled our brick wall. We believed we had isolated our search in Virginia but North Carolina (full of Kimbroughs) keeps popping up. We’ve not done much research there, either on site or long distance. So far we have gathered so much Kimbrough information it’s overwhelming! I will post some Bible pages.Kimbrough Bible - Memoranda Page

Kimbrough Bible - Births Page

Kimbrough Bible - Deaths Page

Kimbrough Bible - Marriages Page

Kimbrough Bible - Matrimony Page

These Bible pages are from the family of William Landon Kimbrough of Hadensville, Todd, Kentucky and show members including Landon’s grandfather Keith.

Meanwhile I’ve tried to do some work on my lines. Most of my forebears landed in America in the late 1800s so are a problem of another type – clearing the palate, so to speak. Eventually I’ll blog about that, too. Both Landon and I have lines that go back to pre-Revolutionary War and also have 19th century immigrants. Typical Americans.

3 thoughts on “Yes, we’re still here!

  1. wish I could find this connection, my Grandmother was Alvena Mae Kimbro(ugh)who Married Nat Gooch. the family dropped the ugh in the 1800’s. they were from Virginia and settled in Caswell County, NC, tons of Kimbroughs in NC

  2. I was just bemoaning the loss of your site when I got this post, “Yes, we’re still here!”. Glad to see you are up and running again. My Kimbrough connection is Goldman Kimbrough, son of Marmaduke and Mary Turner Kimbrough. Goldman had half-siblings through each of his parents’ other marriages. I have info on John Kimbrough, son of father Marmaduke by his first marriage to Anne, but nothing on the two daughters of mother Mary Turner Kimbrough and her second husband John Allen, except the names of Eleanor or Lizzie, and Mary Polly.

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